News Report 5th August 1999


The weekend started early for 9 Bro Dysynni athletes who travelled to Gobowen on Friday evening for the annual five mile race.


In a race dominated by Will Levitt (Vauxhalls) who won the race in a course record time of 24.45mins, the first Dysynni runner to cross the line was Alun Williams (1st Junior and 4th overall) in 27.34mins. Other finishing times on the night, with age group category awards in brackets were; Nigel Evans in 29.47mins, Rosie Naish (2nd female over-40) in 30.40mins, Malcolm Taylor (1st male over-55) in 32.27, Colin Evans in 32.41mins, Barrie Jackson (3rd male over-55) in 34.17mins, Andy Unwin in 35.26mins, Glenda Davies in 35.38mins and John Williams in 42.36mins.


Six of the nine athletes who ran on Friday were competing again on Sunday, this time in the Last Inn-sponsored Barmouth Hill Race. The result of the 7.5 mile race was very rarely in doubt as Adrian Bailey won for the 4th consecutive year, in a course record time of 49.43mins. Similarly the ladies result was neither in doubt, with Paula Jeffs winning in a time of 1hr 03.24mins.


Selected other finishers were as follows; Alun Williams (2nd overall) in 54.03mins, Nigel Evans (1st male veteran) in 59.09mins, Tom Lewis (2nd male veteran) in 59.10mins, Richard Griffiths (3rd male veteran) in 1hr 01.18mins, Keith Allday in 1hr 02.16mins, Colin Evans in 1hr 03.02mins, Hugh Harrison in 1hr 05.58mins, Andy Sanderson in 1hr 08.29mins, Barrie Jackson in 1hr 08.38mins, Paul Wheate (1st Junior) in an outstanding time of 1hr 08.57mins, Malcolm Taylor in 1hr 09.05mins, Andrea Goode (2nd lady overall) in 1hr 11.13mins, Arthur Roberts in 1hr 13.04mins, William Clarke (2nd Junior) in 1hr 17.53mins, Alan Jones in 1hr 17.58mins, Andy Unwin in 1hr 18.10mins, Brenda Jones (1st female veteran) in 1hr 26.12mins, Roy Peel in 1hr 26.55mins, Sion Allday (3rd Junior) in 1hr 28.23mins, Christine Stevens in 1hr 36.05mins, Gill Allday in 1hr 36.09mins and Sheila Symonds in 1hr 50.15mins.