News Report 3rd August 1997


The Last Inn Run took place on Sunday as part of the Barmouth Regatta and Fun Week.


On an overcast day, 29 runners set off from the leisure centre in Barmouth, running along to the harbour and climbing up and down to a maximum height of 800 feet over a distance of 7 miles.


The overall winner was once again Adrian Bailey beating last year's record time of 49.39mins by 23 seconds and Kevin Smith of Shrewsbury, again by 1 minute and 53 seconds.


Adrian runs for Bro Dysynni Running Club of Tywyn. The club scooped all the other prizes. Runners from all over Britain and as far away as Cologne in Germany also took part.


The results were:



1st   Adrian Bailey (Bro Dysynni)    - 49.16mins

2nd  Kevin Smith (Shrewsbury)       - 51.09mins

3rd   Morris Collins (Liverpool A.C.) - 55.10mins



1st   Richard Griffiths (Bro Dysynni )   - 1hr 02.02mins

2nd  Phil Roberts (Rochdale Harriers)  - 1hr 05.42mins

3rd  Richard Kelly (Bro Dysynni )        - 1hr 11.56mins


Senior Veteran

1st  Tom Evans (Bro Dysynni)           - 1hr 23.04mins


Under 18

1st  Alun Williams (Bro Dysynni)       - 56.09mins



1st  Rosie Naish (Bro Dysynni)         - 1hr 06.07mins

2nd Brenda Jones (Bro Dysynni)       - 1hr 15.48mins

3rd Glenda Davies (Bro Dysynni)       - 1hr 16.59mins



1st Glenda Davies (Bro Dysynni)      - 1hr 16.59mins


Senior Veteran

1st Brenda Jones (Bro Dysynni)       - 1hr 15.48mins


Under 18

1st Sian Milne (Bro Dysynni)            - 1hr 18.02mins


Team Prizes


Men's - Bro Dysynni (Adrian Bailey, Alun Williams, David Lewis, Andrew Sanderson, Richard Griffiths)


Ladies - Bro Dysynni (Rosie Naish, Glenda Davies, Brenda Jones, Sian Milne, Marjorie Griffiths)