Many thanks to those who supported the event - in particular Eryl Gilliland who provided starting and finishing data and Sheila who provided slate pendants to all finishers.
The 'race' was won by Robert Thomas - a super run - well done.The weather was cool before the race and for the early starters, but things warmed up a bit later. I hadn't realised that the village pub had re-opened - would it be better to organise the event in future based at the pub on a midweek summer evening? (No wouldn't want to change anything about this glorious day. Bob)
RESULTS                    Actual time        Time behind        Time slower
                                                                Thomas             than handicap  
1    Robert Thomas        1.02.08                    0.00                         1.34
2    Barrie Jackson         0.51.57                    0.30                         2.01
3    Malcolm Taylor        0.46.47                    1.06                         2.45
4    Steve Gilliland          0.36.29                    1.09                         2.48
5    Tony Hodgson         0.42.13                     1.13                        2.52
6    Bob Chilton             0.46.27                     2.06                         3.44
7    Margaret Roberts     0:55:49                     3.30                        5.09
8    Shiela Symonds      1.33.28                     9.00                       11.39        
    Erin Gilliland ran 5 kilometres - how long will it be before she's pacing her dad - and Helen Williams ran just over 8 kilometres.
Again many thanks for your support. Please let those not on the internet know the results.
Malcolm Taylor
Thank you Malcolm for a most enjoyable event.
The Cross Keys Pub is an absolute cracker. Watch out for Tony joining the live music sessions on the last Saturday of every month.
Bob Chilton