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7th January 2006



The Rockfoot Trials


We are organising a unique sporting event later this year the first ever recorded run of the ancient sport of Rockfoot.


Very simply, Rockfoot was a race across rocks and boulders that developed from a Roman military training exercise.


As well as recreating the event, the intention is to film the process for documentary purposes and the promotion of the creative and practical applications of Rockfoot.


At present we are seeking:


1)      a suitable location in Britain and

2)      expressions of interest regarding participation in the event as a runner or in another role.


The Rockfoot trials are provisionally scheduled for September 2006.


With regard to prospective locations, we require a rock field of around 500 metres in length with variation in the size, shape and density (proximity to one another) of rocks. Do you know of any possible courses?


Please refer to for full details on course varieties, race rules & regulations, history and all other matters concerning Rockfoot.


If anyone in your club/organisation is interested in The Rockfoot Trials, or can suggest a good location, we would be delighted to hear from them, either by e-mail or through the tel number and address below.


Thank you for your consideration, and best wishes for 2006.





R.A. Willox



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