Prague International Half Marathon
Five runners and four supporters of Brodysynni flew out to the Czech Republic on the 31st March to take part in the Prague International Half Marathon of 2nd April. The well organised race started on the Charles Bridge and wound through the cobbled and tramlined streets of Prague past the major sights with the sound of music from several live bands. The many turns in the route allowed the girls (supporters) to see most of us runners no less than four times during the race (where were the dumplings?). The field of 3450 runners was dominated by the Kenyans who took the first six places. Brodysynni put in a strong performance with all runners finishing.

Great emphasis was placed on enjoying both the pre and post race food and celebrations. The weather was particularly kind being unbroken sunshine throughout the four days of our stay. Anyone interested in next years event should e.mail me

Tony Hodgson 1 hr 29 mins 41 secs
Bob Chilton 1 hr 37 mins 41 secs
Andrea Goode 1hr 37 mins 51 secs
Nick Bradley 1 hr 46 mins 56 secs
Juliet Edwards 1 hr 48 mins 06 secs

Pre race celebrations

and this is what we're up against

No Tony not your dumplings

Charles Bridge