Penmaenpool 10 mile 2005 Training Run

Long Live the Pen 10! 12noon Sun 9th Oct

Nine runners and three dogs took part in the "training run" assisted by various assorted helpers,bicyles and more dogs. In perfect running weather the water station set off on their bicycles (Jane Chilton and Sheelagh Vaughan with rucksacks cups and bottles) to the 4 (6) mile point where the course branches off into the cross country loop.
Those who knew the route ran with those who did not which avoided any need to mark the course. Nevertheless Frank and Glyn still managed an interesting diversion around the loop without greatly affecting time and distance. Amber (Andreas dog) added several miles to her route by continually fetching thrown tenis balls and also included a swim in the estuary.

Congratulations to Frank Vaughan and Pete Nicholls who completed their first ever 10 mile runs and thanks to Sue Nicholls (timekeeping) Pauline Jackson and Mad Dave (Guinness Marhshal). A few beers were enjoyed afterwards and a great day was had by all. The runners were Glyn Lewis, Pete Nicholls, Bob Chilton, Frank Vaughan, Andrea Goode, Robert Thomas, Barrie Jackson, Steve Gilliland and Nigel Evans.
Next year sees the return of the race proper (subject to Landowners permissions).