Start of the 3 Peaks Race 2006
Team Flapjack with Andrea Goode and Gwyn Jones
Daily reports..........3 peaks website
Message..All boats arrived at (undecipherable) 11.45pm Sat
wind picking up from south..G
Next message....11th in 5:04(7th fastest)... set sail Whitehaven 6:01am... time for shut eye..G 18/6 14.36 in Whitehaven (G) in torrential rain ....waiting..... meeting them Wasdale later
18/6/ 18.29 6 boats arriving race against tide... 10-20 mins till low water then 4 hr wait and don't know if we're 1 of the 6 now exciting is that!
19/6 1.58 keel working landed 0045 very rough on their way to Sca fell
19/6 7.36 going well at Wasdale 0550 despite no sleep and little food on the boat have caught one of 6 teams that left 2 hrs B4 them
weather atrocious
19/6 10.09 got down off Sca fell 0930 cold but still laughing.... gave them hot food and tea.... should be back to Whitehaven by 2pm 4cast wind 6-7
Team flapjack retire due to extreme weather conditions
19/6 21.10 Due to 4cast and the experience of yesterdays broaching the team have decided to retire...and wish the others good luck.
webmaster apologises 4 not being able to translate BT textspeak